Healing Recipes to Soothe What Ails You

  • Can you tell when your body needs real nourishment?
  • Are you turned off by strict eating plans that ask for perfection?
  • Want to change what you eat without it being a huge unattainable goal?

Most of us switch our food choices when we absolutely have to; when stress, illness or pain demands real nourishment for survival and relief.

If we understood WHY certain foods can pull us out of a funk, might we start to choose wisely more often?

This lets us feel first-hand the healing power of food.

Pain can be a motivator, but it takes a motivated, self-aware person to choose well in tender situations, happy moments… and every emotion in between!

Welcome. I’m Andrea Livingston, a private chef and health food educator in Portland, Oregon. It’s my pleasure to encounter smart individuals like you who care what you put in your body.

Let’s get to know each other more.
Here’s a sneak peak at how I came to do this work.

Become Your Own Farm-acist

While prescription drugs and conventional medicine certainly have their place, we have the power to avoid these as much as possible and care for ourselves in unprecedented ways.

Some call this modern-day self care.
I call it a (partial) solution the current healthcare crisis we face today.

Stay tuned for my upcoming cookbook!

It features simple, delicious recipes to treat the common ailments we face. It also includes “east to digest” explanations, so you’ll know why each bite is being celebrated by your body.